Consulta OnLine is a online legal periodic created in 1995 to promote knowledge and critical debate on constitutional jurisprudence and on the decisions of supranational courts.

To this end, the magazine is divided into several sections and, mainly, in the Studies and Memoirs section and in the two sections Constitutional Court Decisions and Selected Decisions.

The Decisions section of the Constitutional Court is based on the logic of the database, which allows you to find decisions both with the chronological method and with the text search method.

Comments on the decisions published in the main electronic legal journals are published in the same section. The search also allows you to immediately find the precedents that the Court itself uses in its decisions.

The Selected Decisions section documents the most important judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, the Court of Justice of the European Union and other national and supranational courts which operate in particular for the protection of individual rights.

In the Studies and theses section, the contributions successfully verified by the referees are published.

The mission of Consulta OnLineis to welcome contributions from expert researchers and talented young researchers.

Of all this, the main guarantee is a scientific committee of absolute importance, as well as the numerous arbitrators of undisputed scientific value.